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  1. Research
    Conducting assessments~ Monitoring and evaluation~Surveys and interviews~ Focus groups
  2. Content Knowledge
    Content Knowledge
    Public health~ Pubic Policy~ Coalition building~ Sustainability ~Strategic plan~ Leadership development~youth and women empowerment~ Capacity building
  3. Sustainability
    Global development~Contract and Grant writing~Alternative funding sources~Innovative fund development~Sustainability planning~Fundraising
  4. Public Relations
    Public Relations
    Organizational marketing~ Leadership~Social marketing ~ Personal Branding~ Speech writing & speaking engagements~Capacity building ~ Campaigns
How We Make a Difference...
Kenya~Switzerland~Myanmar~Niger~Uganda~Kenya~South Korea~Egypt~Libya~United States
  1. Promoted Maternal Health
    Raised over $25,000 for a remote Kenyan hospital to replace their only ultrasound. The result has saved the lives of hundreds of premature babies and improved the health of pregnant mothers. ​
  2. Developed Leaders in Kenya
    Provided leadership and coalition building strategies for community based organizations in Kenya. The result fostered new data-driven approaches to reduce gender based violence within undeveloped slum communities.
  3. Sustained Programs
    Awarded multi-millions in grants and contracts to help agencies sustain programming. 20,000+ children received vital substance abuse prevention services to encourage positive choices.
  4. Developed Country Policies
    Contributed to Kenya's country-level policy development for waste management and sanitation as it relates to the challenges of economic development in Dandora, the largest dump site in Africa. This effort ensures thousands of workers will have the right to maintain their self-owned businesses.
  5. Fostered Collaboration
    Implemented the "Pill Drop" initiative with law enforcement, government, and local pharmacies and hospitals to remove over 1.2 million dollars worth of prescription drugs (street value) from their streets and communities of Allegany County, NY.The efforts continue today.
  6. Strengthened infrastructure
    Provided essential education to NGOs, corporations, and local communities in coalition building and sustainability, strengthening infrastructure, program and service delivery, to build stronger communities and promote prosocial change.
  7. Conducted Assessments
    Conducted assessments for President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing|Washington DC 2015. The result contributed to the President Obama's report and efforts to improve police relations with the communities they serve.
  8. Formed Academic Programs
    Developed programs for universities to address alcohol use on campus. The result is that several American universities are adopting improved and enhanced alcohol absue prevention policies making their campuses a safer learning environment.​
  9. Nation Building
    Member of a US Delegation at the invitation of Myanmar, to provide essential training and education on public policy, transformational leadership, and coalition building to over 100 parliament and cabinet members.
  10. Provided Leadership Training
    Serving as a faculty member for the Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy, over a hundred world leaders, representing over 20 countries, were trained in coalition building, public policy, and transformational leadership to increase skills as they go forth serving their countries and constituents.
  11. Educated Entrepreneurs
    Provided vital consults to entrepreneurs and global investors interested in global economic development and sustainable solutions for science and technology based business ventures.
  12. Innovative Fund Development in Egypt
    Created a comprehensive database for a medical center in Cairo, Egypt and improved scope in innovative fund development.
Rita Geoppner
I have known Shawnee for several years and in many capacities. She has taken on projects as an active participant and with a commitment to the common goals of said project. She not only works well with others, but serves as a energetic leader with enthusiasm that reflects on those around her. Shawnee is highly qualified for any endeavor she takes on and would be a tremendous asset to any team.
Business owner, Broker
"Energetic Leader"
Rex Olson, PhD, PsyD
Shawnee is a change agent with the vision, dedication, and passion, particularly effective in identifying shared interests among community stakeholders and then building collaborative relationships that address a common social concern. As a transformative leader, Shawnee is unrelenting in her desire to facilitate meaningful social change, not content until successful in leaving our world a better place in which to live.
Professor, SUNY Alfred
​​"Transformational  Leader"
Ricky Whitney
Shawnee is very organized and a great motivator. She has been the backbone of Partners for Prevention in Allegany County. She is very passionate about her work and is able to instill the same passion in others who work with her. I would highly recommend her for any project coordinator/manager position.
Sheriff of Allegany County, NY
"Organized and a Great Motivator"
Jerry Regier, PhD, MA
Shawnee is a passionate person and speaker. She is an expert in the field of coalition building and has taught in international settings as we taught together at the Global Hope Geneva Institute for Leadership & Public Policy. She communicates well and class attendees connected with her very well.
VP Global Resource Development, Water4
Founder of Family Research Council
​​"Expert in Coalition Building"
Giselle Jackman
Shawnee has been a nationally sought after speaker, as there is a desperate need for communities and coalitions to better understand the evidence-based approach to promoting public health and healing. I highly recommend Shawnee as a speaker, trainer, or community mobilizer!
Prevention Focus,
Business Owner
"National Speaker & Trainer"
Shawnee is a detail and results oriented leader who excels at developing and maximizing professional relationships; she has demonstrated her ability to pull together leaders from varied business and government organizations to focus their combined efforts and solve complex problems.
Timothy Talley
Captain (Ret), New York State Police
​​"Detailed and Results Oriented"
Helen Evans
Shawnee provides leadership and expertise in grant writing, program oversight and facilitation of coalitions. Building a coalition of community members, key stakeholders and talented colleagues; Shawnee addresses the needs of her clients. Her everlasting energy and vigor inspires others to face the challenges of our rural community, while celebrating the positive attributes and wealth of residents.
Associate Director,
Ardent Solutions
"Effective Facilitator and Leader"

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Shawnee Bigelow, PhDc
"Persistence is the key to success; Insight is the key to positive change"

PhD|Public Policy and Administration|International nongovernmental organizations, 2017
MBA|Finance, 2011
BS|Management and Organizational Development, 2003​​

Shawnee has over 20 years experience in community development and coalition building within the the United States and Kenya, Africa.  She is experienced in global development, sustainability and public policy and administration, dedicating her life to individual and community growth.  In 2015, Shawnee assisted with the research and assessments for the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, commissioned in response to increasing racial tensions and civil rights movements.

Shawnee is highly experienced in grant administration, writing, and reviewing grants for several federal agencies, including HRSA, SAMHSA, and CNCS.  She has spent her career working on global public health issues, including economic and community development, alcohol and substance abuse prevention, gender-based violence and crime prevention, suicide prevention, poverty eradication, women and youth empowerment, and waste management and sanitation initiatives. 

Shawnee has shared her knoweldge and experience with thousands of business, community, and country leaders in Yangon, Myanmar London, England, Nairobi, Kenya, Los Angeles, New York, and Washinton DC.  

In June, Shawnee was honored to be a member of a US delegation invited to Myanmar to work with Parliament and Cabinet members on public policy and coalition building, in support of their efforts to become a Democracy.  In May 2016, Shawnee presented to global leaders and international NGO Directors on "Leadership and Public Policy: Coalition Building" with the Geneva Institute on Leadership and Public Policy at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 

She is currently writing her first book titled "Pure Mettle" sharing her experiences along her inspirational journey of discovery of beautiful transformations in communities and individuals around the world.

The TransformativeValue Promise
The Starling Company provides a transformative value promise to our clients. Whether you are a small non profit organization or a large corporation, our commitment is to strengthen your foundation, develop a sustainable flight plan of action to significantly increase your competitiveness and improve your reach to the clients, customers, and communities you serve.
The Starling Company will help take your organization to the next level. Our belief in your mission and vision is just that strong... creating beautiful transformations for your company and our world. 

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